About MainelyPest

MainelyPest, Providing Reliable Pest Control Services In Maine Since 2013

Family-owned and operated, MainelyPest Services offers a wide variety of pest control options for homes and businesses here in Maine. MainelyPest, operated by military veteran and owner Kyle Stoops, along with his two sons, is run on a foundation of trust and respect. Every job is handled with the utmost care and concern for you and your home or business and is personally supervised by Kyle himself. Don't wait to join the list of homes and businesses here in Maine that trust MainelyPest.

Why Choose Us At MainelyPest

MainelyPest owner Kyle Stoops with service truck

Our company is built on trust. When we schedule a time that we will arrive for the job, you can rest assured that we will be there on time to handle your pest problem, as promised. When we give you a price for the job, you can be sure we won't nickel and dime you with hidden fees and add-ons. We are who we say we are and we handle jobs in a professional and respectful manner. Servicing everything from carpenter ants and bed bugs to rodents and wildlife and a variety of other pests, and offering a wide variety of pest control options, you can rest easy knowing that MainelyPest Services is on the job.

At MainelyPest, we are:

  • Family owned and operated
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully licensed and insured

MainelyPest understands family values because we are a family operated company! When you hire us for a job, eliminating pests from your home or business and ensuring your satisfaction from our services is our number one priority! We offer environmentally-friendly pest control options. Fully licensed and insured, MainelyPest is more than qualified for the job at hand and will stop at nothing short of quality services to ensure your home or business becomes, and remains, pest-free.

Our Core Values

MainelyPest exists to provide our customers with services and results that they can be proud of. When you choose MainelyPest, you become a part of our pest control family and your home becomes as much our priority as it is yours. When pests threaten to invade, we will be there, at the time agreed upon, to do what we love to do - solve pest problems.

Customer Testimonials

I own vacation rental properties in Bar Harbor. One of our guests called concerned about a potential pest problem. Kyle answered the phone promptly and responded to the house in no time. He thoroughly checked it out, performed testing, and determined there was no issue. He allayed the fears of my guests and mine as well. I am beyond pleased with his professionalism and prompt service. Thanks Kyle!

Logan, Facebook Review

Kyle and his team are efficient and very responsive to any situation.  We have used MainelyPest for 4 years and have had no issues and have been able to use our property without serious mosquito or tick concerns.  Would recommend anyone who has mosquitos or ticks or rodents to call and make an appointment for them to come and see what they can do.

Ryan W, Google Review

I can't say how much I love this company. This was the first time we've ever used a pest company and I'm so glad that we gave it a try. We had our yard sprayed the mosquitoes and black flies were crazy! It works great we are able to enjoy are backyard without worrying about being bit. Great friendly service.

Marcy, Facebook Review

Kyle from MainelyPest drove an hour out of his way to take a look at a pest problem we were having at our new camp.  He told me that they are not taking on new customers in this location at this time because it is too far from his normal business. (which I totally understand) He said that he does these kind of visits just to help people out who are in a jam.  He did not charge me anything, gave me some advise along with a free trap.  Super nice guy to do this for someone he doesn't know and wasn't going to get any business from.  Based on his values I would highly recommend anyone to consider using his services.

Matt S, Google Review

I work for a property management company and MainelyPest is our go-to pest management choice! They are responsive, professional and discreet when needed. They provide the service you need without tacking on needless extras. One-time or long-term, they will provide you with options to suit your needs.

Bobbie, Facebook Review

I have worked with Kyle and MainelyPest many times as a property manager for a large company on several occasions. Kyle has always been professional and courteous. He has always made a point to help us find the most cost effective remedy. I would highly recommend MainelyPest for any pest needs!!

Kimberly, Facebook Review

We had MainlyPest spray our yard recently. We have about an acre, on the river, and we were over run with mosquitoes. So much so that we were not able to be outside. We had tried a number of yard sprays with no success. However, since our initial MainelyPest application we have seen minimal mosquitoes. We can now use our outdoor space and enjoy it!

Brianna, Facebook Review

I would highly recommend this company. My parents have been fixing up a property that hasn't been taken care of in MONTHS. When opening the shed, my parents found several hornet nests-my dad is highly allergic. Inside the home wasn't much better; several nests hidden around and other pests were discovered. After one phone call and several visits to terminate these persistent bugs we now have it under control.

Becca, Facebook Review